Emirates Airline Marketing Analytics Specialist: Apply Online at Emirates Careers

Emirates Airlines is looking for appropriate applicants to fill the open job of Marketing Analytics Specialist. The primary tasks of applicants will be to guarantee the acquisition, analysis, and distribution of marketing and user experience data so that teams throughout Corporate Communication Marketing & Brand (CCMB) can make real-time, data-driven choices.

Collaborate with Strategic Planners, Customer Insights, and Customer Strategy & Retention to establish data gathering needs and, with input from key teams around the department, build and deploy analytics solutions.

Before applying, please read the full information on this Admissionjobspot Pakistan website. The closing date is January 26, 2024.

List of vacancies

  • Marketing Analytics Specialist Qualifications and Experience

Qualification & Experience

  • Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent), particularly in engineering, digital marketing, or e-commerce. Google Analytics certification is quite desirable.
  • 5 Years of Professional Experience

Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced understanding of UX analytics systems, including heat and scroll mapping tools, as well as online tracking and reporting tools.
  • Advanced understanding of Google Analytics tracking and reporting, including conversion tracking, objectives, segmentation, and third-party.
  • Intermediate query writing abilities, as well as understanding of SQL, Google Big Query, the Google Cloud platform, and other technologies.
  • Intermediate grasp of several BI tools, such as Microstrategy and Tableau.
  • A fundamental grasp of performance-based digital marketing channels such as Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Display Marketing.
  • Basic understanding of complex marketing analytics topics such as multitouch attribution and cross-device; Journeys, visitor cohorts, etc.

How To Apply For Emirates Jobs

  • Interested applicants can apply online via Emirates Careers at www.emiratesgroupcareers.com.
  • Sign in with your credentials and follow these instructions.
  • Complete all fields and click the “submit” button.
  • Check your registered email after completing the online application. The Emirates HR group will send you an acknowledgment email.
  • The deadline for the application is August 8, 2023.

Job Outlines

  • Understand the needs for tracking, measuring, and reporting across CCMB teams.
  • Support CCMB teams by properly identifying and tracking, defining rules and frameworks, and ensuring appropriate setup by agencies, third parties, and internal teams. Define and deploy a marketing taxonomy to ensure correct data collection.
  • Collaborate with other parties, partners, suppliers, technology platforms, and others to gather performance data for campaigns and initiatives. Ensure that KPIs important to the CCMB teams may be tracked and measured so that they can be utilized in flight for optimization, after the campaign to gather learnings, or at the start of new campaigns/programs to design plans.
  • Work with CCMB teams to identify and establish measurement KPIs, as well as to build up tracking and measurement systems. Document measurement frameworks, KPI creation, and reporting inputs for reference by all teams within the CCMB As required.
  • Create automated dashboards, reports, and scorecards for self-service throughout the CCMB department. Train and support CCMB teams in understanding and using reports to make data-driven investment and marketing planning choices.
  • Support campaign planning and in-flight optimization by giving relevant data to Strategic Planners to help them make suggestions in response to briefs.
  • Create predictive and forecasting models to aid marketing strategy and investment choices across geographies and channels.
  • Facilitate A/B testing, multivariate testing, and effect analysis on product releases by properly implementing analytics, tracking, and reporting to support data-driven decisions and further modifications as needed.

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